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Fate Forged OP
Cards: 40
Journey of Souls
Eager Recruit4
Dark Passenger1
Wry Trickster2
Xerxian Recruiter2
Desertification Engine1
Hand of Sa'd3
Jaza'eri Arquebus2
Scion of Pride1
Seal of Exile1
Triennial Patrol3
Armageddon Angel1
Racer In Shadow4
Ghost In The System2
Sword Saint2
Cold-Blooded Killer2
Nine-Tailed Vixen1
Pentacle of Flavors1
Merciless Koxinga1
Risen From The Deep2
Daigoju Supreme1



Deck Created

Apr 18, 2020

Mana Curve

Rarity Counts

Type Counts




03.8.2020: -Kushiel the Unforgiving, -Solomon's Gale, -Nine Tailed Vixen, +Perfect Grade, +1 Spirit Away, +Desertification Engine

03.10.2020: -1 Temptation, + 1 Seal of Exile

03.14.2020: -Daigoju Supreme, +Herald of Conquest

03.21.2020: -2 Conviction, -1 Serendipity Ifreet, +1 Five Spirit Gate, +1 Feng Shui Master, +Kushiel the Unforgiving

03.26.2020: Please read notes -1 Feng Shui Master, + Treasury of Petra or Nine-Tailed Vixen, -1 Hotel Barkeep, +Rogue Idolon

04.04.2020: -Lamp of Wonder,-1 Terragon,+Solomon's Gale,+Master of Shadows

04.09.2020: -1 Sword Saint, -1 Desertification Engine, -1 Nine-Tailed Vixen, -God of Gamers,-Master of Shadows-Solomon's Gale.-To Heaven and Back +2 Ghost in the System, +3 Emperor Koi,+1 Hotel Barkeep,+1 Terragon

04.22.2020:-1 Seal of Exile, -1 Spirited Away, -1 Hotel Barkeep, +1 Muttonmorphosis,+1 Temptation,+1 Serendipity Ifeet

06.03.2020: -2 Emperor Koi, +1 Nine-Tailed Vixen, +1 Desertification Engine

07.01.2020: -1 Temptation, +1 Spirit away

07.16.2020: -1 Dark Passenger, -2 Peri at the Gates, -1 Muttonmorphosis,-1 Temptation,-1 Ghuul, -1 Spirit Away -1 Lantern Colossus,-1 Parsa Recruit, +3 Steam Bun,+2 Lore Broker,+1 Solomon's Gale, +1 Seal of Exile, +1 Lamp of Wonders, +1 Vengeful Heirloom

07.28.20: -1 Steam Bun,-2 Hotel Barkeep, +1 Serendipity Ifreet, +1 Pentacle of Flavors, +1 Dark Passenger

08.02.20: -1 God of Gamers, - IMPEL, +1 Raziel Keeper of Secrets, +INFUSE

08.16.20: -1 Herald of Conquest, +1 Terragon

08.31.20:-1 Vengeful Heirloom, -2 Insurance Broker, -1 Solomon's Gale, -1 Racer in Shadow, +1 Spear of Destiny, +2 Peri at the Gates, +1 Muttonmorphosis, +1 Steam Bun


03.8.2020:Perfect Grades inclusion is a decision to include more cards that provide immediate impact to the existing board state while establishing a must answer threat. Spirit Away is hard removal for problematic late game bombs.

Desertification Engine may seem like a peculiar inclusion but for 3 mana it's overly statted and has great mobility with swift. This makes it more threatening than one might initially realize especially with the inclusion of buffs like Dark Passenger. Also the ability to create a desert in a few lanes is under-appreciated the chip damage can be relevant in a long game and create awkward board states for your opponent to attack into.

03.10.2020: Added a single Seal of Exile in most instances the way the deck plays out I almost never want to play this card earlier then turn 8 the loss of tempo and losing that 1 mana can be absolutely brutal. With that said the late game removal is necessary but the singleton spirit Away while proving to be effective is extremely gem intensive. I'm hoping the flexibility of having a broader removal package helps shore up matchups against top heavy decks and more importantly decks that have the capacity to play Traitorous Murmur which has proven on more then one occasion to be extremely problematic for the deck.

03.14.2020: Daigoju Supreme while having the burst potential necessary to close out games can be too mana intensive or lacks immediate board impact, Currently testing Herald of Conquest as a replacement since its a decent body with an incredibly relevant effect

03.21.2020: Herald is proving to be exceptional in providing the utility to help go over the top by giving blanket overrun, that said since I already run Terragon as well I've decided to cut Conviction and added a Feng Shui Master to answer problematic enchantments i.e: Stairway to Hades, Heaven and Back, and Bald Mountain. I also added Five Spirit Gate which at first glance seems redundant since I'm already running Journey of Souls as my path but has proven so far to make the deck extremely resilient and durable mid to late game. Last but not least Kushiel the Unforgiving makes a grand return to the deck. I initially removed it for a variety of reasons but as I refined the deck and with the inclusion of Five Spirit Gate it scales fantastically.

03.26.2020: This isn't exactly a change, just me clarifying that this is a flex slot . And you should tech in what you deem appropriate for what you are seeing in your pocket meta. If you aren't seeing a lot of problematic enchantments feel free to tech in another 4 drop. Also something to be mindful of if you are seeing a lot of decks not using impel cutting one hotel barkeep for Rogue Idolon is an option.

04.04.2020: With the new patch the meta has seen a seismic shift in aggro's presence on the ladder. That being said I have made the decision to cut Lamp of Wonders and a Terragon to add Solomon's Gale and Master of Shadows. This is maybe one change i'm not completely certain of but Master of shadows is a huge thorn in Rainbow Rushes side trading efficiently into spell buffed minions and Solomon's Gale is solid defensively but also has the added benefit of gaining conditional alpha strike which in itself can make it a must remove target or can help swing the board back in your favor.

04.09.2020: Where do i even begin. So essentially in the past two weeks two decks have rose to prominence to more less define the meta as we know it. This being Various aggressive Red Blue list and Valks. That said I've had to adapt the deck in light of this seismic shift in aggression on ladder plus the recent Nerfs having a definite impact on this deck

4.22.2020: Seeing way to many aggressive decks i.e.: Valks, RP Disk, Rainbow Rush to play such top heavy removal. Also been noticing a resurgence in Necro decks either RG or BG. Deck is still adapting to current meta.

6.21.2020: Deck has gone full circle back to a list more reminiscent to what it was prior to the blue patch.

7.11.20: Seeing as the the rhinos are systematically sodomizing orange, the deck has had to make a hard pivot from its previous iterations to its current form.