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Nominate Mythgard for Labor of Love in this year's Steam Awards!

The annual Steam Awards are here and Mythgard is being nominated for the Labor of Love award by the fans. Please be sure to drop a vote for Mythgard in the Labor of Love category. Every vote counts!
Tea Time with Runepest: Episode 1

KG's dynamic duo of Rune and Tempest, or Runepest as their foes know them before their demise, started a new podcast. Catch the first episode and be sure to follow them so you don't miss the next one.
Tournament Tuesdays: The Boneyard Shuffle

Welcome to the newest article series by Erobert. Every week on Tuesdays, KG will be covering an official event, test events, or draft from the previous week, with coverage, decklists, and impressions from players and organizers!